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How It Works

For developers in high-volume environments, eFax Developer is the perfect fax management solution.

Our U.S.-based operations offer document-heavy businesses (e.g. insurance, medical, finance and legal fields) a seamless, secure system that can handle the most formidable fax traffic with ease.

Most importantly, sending and receiving faxes with eFax Developer is simple and reliable.

Sending Faxes

Faxes are sent by a SSL-encrypted HTTPS web post and delivered immediately. Upon completion, delivery status information of your fax will be passed back to your application (as a web post or email).

The quick and responsive delivery system can also obtain the status of any fax at anytime.

Receiving Faxes

Upon starting your account, we'll provide you with a dedicated toll-free fax number. When a fax arrives, the pages are passed along quickly and securely via web post to your application as a PDF or TIF file (along with the associated "wrapper" information, such as date/time, number of pages, Caller ID, etc.).

For added convenience and as a back-up, your faxes are also available at our secure online fax storage site.

Additionally, barcodes on faxes can be scanned and their values provided with other wrapper data for even more automation.

Get Started Now

With eFax Developer it's like having your own production-class fax server without the hassle, equipment and expense.

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